13 Reasons Why – Season Two – Toolkits

Season two of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why was just released.  13 Reasons Why is a fictional drama series that tackles tough real-life issues experienced by teens and young people, including sexual assault, substance abuse, bullying, suicide, gun violence and more.  This very popular series will, once again, generate significant media attention as well as questions and discussions among our youth, parents and educators.

Following the Netflix release of season one in 2017, many mental health, suicide prevention, and education experts from around the world expressed a common concern about the series’ graphic content and portrayal of difficult issues facing youth.

There are several resources and tools to help parents, youth, educators, clinical professionals, media, and others engage in conversations with youth about the themes found in the show. Using the toolkit and resources developed will help to encourage conversations, identify those at risk and prevent unexpected tragedies. Hopefully, it will also help those in need get the appropriate level of support and professional care to ensure that youth are protected, nurtured and our communities are stronger.

13 Reasons Why Toolkits from SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education):

Discussion Guide and Tips for Watching the Show:

Considerations for Educators and Families from NASP (National Association of School Psychologists):

Other Suicide Prevention Resources, Videos, and Articles on LookUp:

13 Reasons Why – Beyond the Reasons: The 13 Reasons Why cast, producers and mental health professionals discuss scenes dealing with difficult issues, including bullying, depression and sexual assault:


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