A chat on the opioid crisis and more on WPTA21’s INsight

Some local experts and advocates share their insights on the opioid crisis, the Regional Mental Health Coalition, and more on these four interviews on WPTA21.

Part 1 Kristina Johnson and Dr. Deborah McMahan : Regional Mental Health Coalition and a medical focus on the opioid crisis.

Part 2 Kristina Johnson and Captain Kevin Hunter : Opioid crisis and resources for parents.

Part 3 Kristina Johnson and Michelle Wenglikowski : Mental health focus in education.

Part 4 Kristina Johnson and Dr. Jerry Davis : Metnal health focus in faith communities.

As mentioned in part 2, on the “For Parents” topic page, you can see Captain Kevin Hunter, Vice and Narcotics Division, Fort Wayne Police Department, walk parents through where to check in their child’s room for hidden drugs.

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