Candid Conversation with Judge Charles Pratt: A Look at Trauma

We sat down with The Honorable Charles Pratt.  Judge Pratt serves in the Family Relations Division of the Allen Superior Court.  He has been instrumental in multiple court practice reforms.  In 1999, Judge Pratt established Allen County’s positive youth development initiative, Great KIDS make Great COMMUNITIES. Great KIDS provides on-going training and research on a variety of issues related to children and families including this year’s Annual Conference on Youth which has a focus on trauma and the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study.

“We’re not trying to minimize or go into a victim stance where no one is held responsible, that is not at all what this means, but understanding that this child has experienced trauma and is responding to that trauma, gives you a set of tools by which to address that child’s behavior in a productive way that can adjust that child in terms of their behavior choices in the future as well as starting to adjust the long term health issues.  And we need to do the same thing in the court.”


Learn more about the Adverse Child Experience Study and your ACE score.

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