The Church and Mental Health: Interview with The Reverend Dr. Dennis Goff

October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  In their professional roles, clergy frequently negotiate highly stressful situations, and that can take a personal toll. Researchers have found clergy can experience high rates of depression and anxiety. Please take time to appreciate your faith leader today and let him/her know that has resources available 24/7; or if you want to take it even farther, Focus on the Family has a free “Guide to Clergy Appreciation Month” with practical steps for celebrating and appreciating pastoral staff.

We recently spoke with The Reverend Dr. Dennis Goff of The Lutheran Foundation.  As the Director of Ministry Programs, Reverend Goff works to connect with congregations and ministries to encourage a focus on whole-person health. This includes mental and behavioral health and how it impacts the faith community.

Watch the interview here.

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