Fort Wayne Drug Overdose Statistics

Captain Kevin Hunter, Fort Wayne Police Department, Vice and Narcotics Division shared the following drug overdose statistics for Fort Wayne/Allen County, Indiana.  A scary upward trend.

Drug Overdoses

January 2016—51 Overdoses                     January 2017—104 Overdoses

February 2016—39 Overdoses                   February 2017—51 Overdoses

March 2016—59 Overdoses                        March 2017—103 Overdoses

April 2016—51 Overdoses                           April 2017—113 Overdoses

May 2016—75 Overdoses                           May 2017—96 Overdoses

June 2016—57 Overdoses                           June 2017—119 Overdoses

July 2016—41 Overdoses                             July 2017—153 Overdoses

January to July 2016—365 Overdoses      January to July 2017—740 Overdoses

2016 Total Drug Overdoses—804

Drug Overdose Deaths

2016 Total Drug Overdose Deaths—68

2017 Total Drug Overdose Deaths as of August 1st—55 Deaths, with at least 30 pending toxicology results.

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