Help Make Hope

“After going though years of doctors suggesting that I should be admitted to Parkview Behavioral Health (PBH), the only thing keeping me from getting the help I really needed, was FEAR. I was scared to go through those doors. I was scared at what was beyond them. Now, after being admitted to PBH last year, I realized that this place was nothing to be scared of. My experiences and brain chemistry were far more frightening and unpredictable. So, after my experiences, I wanted to help other youth and teens not be as frightened as I was. The stigma surrounding “mental hospitals” is immense. The horrible history of mental institutions would scare anyone. But, they aren’t like that now. They’re places people go to get the help they need. Broke your leg? You go to the hospital. Appendicitis? You go to the hospital. Going to a behavioral hospital should be thought of just the same as that. Need help? Don’t be afraid.”

The Help Make Hope project was created back in 2015 with the idea to somehow bring light to the teens at Parkview Behavioral Health.  Learn more at

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