Indiana Bill Gives People Access to an Overdose Intervention Tool

For many families, the drug Nalaxone (brand name Narcan) is something of a miracle. The drug has the power to reverse heroin and opioid overdoses if administered instantly to someone who is overdosing. Indiana’s first responders started carrying the drug in March 2014. Within the first year, they were able to save nearly 100 lives by intervening with Nalaxone.

Previously the single-use injection could be prescribed to an addict or given to emergency personnel. But Indiana legislation in spring 2015 opened up the prescriptions to third parties, allowing family members of those suffering from addiction the opportunity carry and administer Narcan in the event of an overdose.

The Indiana bill was written by Sen. Jim Merritt, and was promoted by Overdose Lifeline, an organization founded by Justin Phillips, whose son died from an overdose in 2013.

For information about Overdose Lifeline, visit the website:

Read the full the Nalaxone legislation in Senate Bill 406 here:

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