Opioid-free Painkiller Could Help America’s Drug Abuse Crisis

Exparel is a long-lasting, non-narcotic pain control medicine.  This is good news for those patients with a pending surgery who are concerned about their pain during recovery and want to avoid opioids.  Prescription pain medicines often pave the way for an opioid addiction.  Many Americans are first introduced to an opioid following a routine surgery.   The highly addictive qualities of these prescription drugs can lead to one becoming an ‘accidental addict’.  When the prescription runs out, some may turn to opioid street drugs such as heroin to feed their addiction.

Be your own advocate.  Know your options for pain management.

Exparel may be one option.   ABC New York featured a segment on the drug, quoting Pacira Pharmaceuticals CEO Dave Stack:

“I think what is really good is that patients are now understanding of the depth of the problem and are taking control of the their own healthcare and are demanding opioid-free or reduced opioid at least post-surgical treatment strategies,” Stack said. “And we’re very active in helping them along those lines.”

Watch the news clip here.  



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