A Pharmacist’s Journey Through Addiction

“I am an addict. And for the past 15 years, I had deceived myself into thinking it was impossible for me to be an addict, because I’m a pharmacist.  And who knows more about these medications than I do? I can taper myself off or I can stop anytime I want…  It’s fun at the beginning, but then you just become enslaved to it.”
Jake Nichols, Pharm. D., MBA

In this Message of Hope, a pharmacist shares his story of addiction and recovery and offers advice for other pharmacists and those working with addictive medicines.

**Thank you, Jake, for your courage in sharing your story.
Thank you, Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health, for producing this video.**

Learn more about opioid use disorder at https://lookupindiana.org/topics/opioids/

Jake Nichols is a pharmacist and individual in long‐term recovery who specializes in addiction
medicine, specifically in medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. Through his
fifteen‐year struggle with substance abuse, he found his calling in the field and has dedicated
his career to helping patients and their families who suffer from this debilitating chronic
disease. By providing clinical support for clinicians treating patients with substance use
disorder and serving as a vocal advocate for treatment, Jake has established himself as a key
resource within the field. Dr. Nichols has spoken at well over 50 pharmacy, nursing, and
medical schools across the country in the past 3 years, sharing his story with students and
faculty, and he regularly facilitates patient and parent support groups. More recently, he and a
colleague established a treatment, clinical research organization, and non‐profit foundation
called the Recovery Research Network. As company President and Chief Operating Officer, he
oversees all clinical activity and operations. Jake received his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from
the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 2000 and his Master’s Degree in Business
Administration from UMass Boston in 2007. Jake has worked within community pharmacy,
academia, primary care, managed care, and pharmaceutical industry.

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