Press Release – Northeast Indiana collaboration launches “Today’s Drugs” video series

Northeast Indiana collaboration launches “Today’s Drugs” video series

“The issue with drugs today is today’s drugs are not the same today as they were in the 1970s and 1980s.  Today’s drugs are more potent and deadly.  No one who buys street drugs knows what they are actually getting.” – Captain Kevin Hunter, Vice & Narcotics Division; Fort Wayne Police Department

The Lutheran Foundation , through their mental health initiative, (LookUp), has partnered with members of the Regional Mental Health Coalition of Northeast Indiana to produce a video series titled “Today’s Drugs”.  The objective of the video series is to educate the community on the dangers of today’s drugs.   Drug poisoning deaths have increased dramatically over the last 5 years.  While the most dramatic increase in deaths has involved opioids, there have also been increases in deaths involving cocaine, methamphetamine, synthetic drugs, and marijuana (when laced with fentanyl).  This is due in part to drugs being much more potent than in the past.  In addition, many drugs are now mixed with other drugs, resulting in deadly mixtures.

There are currently 11 videos in the series with information on opioid addiction, including medication-assisted treatment and recovery, which can be found by visiting the opioid page on LookUp.  Other drugs such as Spice, Methamphetamine (Meth) and Synthetic Drugs can be found by visiting the Synthetic Drugs topic page on LookUpTo view the whole series, visit the LookUp YouTube channel or see the list below.

“LookUp is a resource for the community, built by the community”, said Kristina Johnson, Director of Community Initiatives with The Lutheran Foundation.  “Working collaboratively enables LookUp to be a more comprehensive resource, especially in response to the opioid epidemic which has been estimated to have cost Americans $504 billion in 2015.  It is exciting to have public and private sectors working together.”

This announcement comes on the heels of two other recent additions to LookUp.  The first is The Indiana School Mental Health Initiative, which provides training and resources to school personnel focusing on the social, emotional, behavioral and mental health needs of Indiana’s students.  You can read more on that initiative here.  Secondly, LookUp recently partnered with Indiana’s System of Care (INSOC) on the My Community page, with the goal of connecting Systems of Care in all 92 Indiana counties.

About LookUp

In 2016, The Lutheran Foundation launched LookUp, a website-based initiative designed to provide mental and behavioral health information, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health help.  Truly a one-stop shop for mental health resources, website users can search for providers nearest them throughout Indiana, get information on mental health topics, keep up to date on recent news and blog posts, check for upcoming trainings and events and find 24/7 help. By connecting those touched by mental and behavioral health issues with life-changing resources, Look Up serves as a statewide clearinghouse delivering community-wide hope and healing.

About The Lutheran Foundation

The Lutheran Foundation is a Christ-centered public charity foundation serving a 10-county region in northeast Indiana. The Foundation’s vision is spiritual, mental, and physical wellness for all people. Since its inception in 1995, The Lutheran Foundation has awarded more than $165 million through its grantmaking activities. In 2013, the Foundation commissioned the first ever regional mental and behavioral health assessment. LookUp is one of the Foundation’s major investments in response to the assessment and the vision of mental and behavioral wellness for all people. For more information, visit


The Regional Mental Health Coalition of Northeast Indiana
In March 2015, The Lutheran Foundation launched the Regional Mental Health Coalition of Northeast Indiana to serve as a regional advocacy body to speak to both policy and larger structural issues in mental and behavioral health, as well as to combat the stigma associated with them.  Serving ten northeast Indiana counties, the Coalition is led by a 25-member Leadership Council consisting of regional experts, including leaders from government, mental health, healthcare, judicial, education, faith-based, and workplace communities.  This Council works to ensure collaboration of efforts between entities, assists in the development of campaigns to reduce stigma, and advocates for policy and systemic changes.

“Today’s Drugs” video series:

Today’s Drugs: What Employers Should Know About Drug Abuse

Today’s Drugs: Tips for Parents

Today’s Drugs: Addiction 101

Today’s Drugs: Cocaine

Today’s Drugs: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Today’s Drugs: Marijuana

Today’s Drugs: Opioids

Today’s Drugs: Narcan, Opiates, and Opioids

Today’s Drugs: Spice

Today’s Drugs: Methamphetamine (Meth)

Today’s Drugs: Prescription Drugs


Contact:  Kristina Johnson

Director of Community Initiatives

(260) 458-2112, ext. 308;


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