Remember Allison’s story? It’s been a week!

It’s been a week since Allison Schmitt (eight-time Olympic swimming medalist) shared her story about mental health and depression at the Healing Our Community with Hope – Part 2 event.  On March 7, 2017, nearly 1,000 people gathered to hear Allison explain why, “It’s okay to ask for help.”

Before the keynote session, Clinton Faupel from Remedy LIVE, and Kristina Johnson, from The Lutheran Foundation engaged the audience in some live interactive polling.  Here’s a snapshot of what we learned from the participants*:

  • 96% know someone who struggles with depression.
  • 56% struggle with depression themselves.
  • Of those who struggle with depression themselves, 51% have felt alone or isolated.
  • 5% feel that talking about suicide with someone increases the likelihood of them taking their life.
  • 56% know someone who struggles with suicidal thinking.
  • 16% struggle with suicidal thinking themselves.
  • 75% have spoken to someone about their mental health.
  • 55% have spoken to a professional about their mental health.
  • 86% feel they know where to turn if they were struggling with their mental health.

*The number of participants for the poll ranged from 317 to 355.

These statistics reveal some positive data – 86% know where to go with their mental health struggles!  On the sobering side, 16% struggle with suicide thinking themselves.  We applaud the honesty of the audience.  These are the conversations we need to start – to silence the stigma.

If you missed Allison’s story and want to hear it for yourself, stay tuned!  We’ll be posting a video of the event on our depression topic page soon.  Meanwhile, don’t forget, it’s okay to ask for help!

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