Removing the Stigma from Mental Illness

“There is help. There is hope.”

Fort Wayne Business People Magazine recently did a feature article highlighting the importance of working to remove the stigma of mental illness.  Billions of dollars are lost every year by American companies affected by mental illness.  Kristina Johnson, Director of Community Initiatives for The Lutheran Foundation, says talking about mental health might not be a popular topic of discussion, but it should be.  Bringing issues out of the darkness and talking about them is a good first step to address stigma.  Unfortunately, a lack of education and gross misconceptions for countless decades now, have resulted in a deep stigma about mental and behavioral health conditions, and those who suffer from them.  Johnson says most people are shocked to learn that one out of every five individuals in any given year will struggle with mental illness. One out of every two will struggle with it at some point in their lives. It’s important to seek out help when needed.

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